Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Determine Your Dream Career

The first thing to loving your career is finding a career that you will love. To do this follow the 6 easy steps below:

1. Write down your passions on the left side of a piece of paper. This can be anything,even if it is one of your weaker qualities. For instance, one of my passions is singing. However, every person in the video above sings better than me. (Yes, busted, I am a driver gone rock star. Hey, everyone sounds good in the car.)It goes on the left side of my paper.

2. Fold the paper in 1/2 and on the right side write down the businesses you have always found intriguing. This is brainstorming, so everything goes. For instance, I have the military on my right column. Truth be told, I am a weakling. Even if I wasn't, the military will not accept me, as I am deaf in my left ear. Still, I find it thrilling to challenge myself to the strength, discipline, and endurance our military portray. So , there it is in my right column "Military".

3. The third step is the most time consuming, but well worth it. Get on the internet and start researching. Combine key words using words from your passions list with words from your careers chosen. Look for careers that contain a lot of the qualities you have listed on the left side of your paper. Make comparisons and jot down notes. The more notes, the better. Find jobs that you have the skills or can easily learn the skills to be successful. Look for jobs that fit your current lifestyle. If you find a job that requires going back to school; jot it down. It could become a long-term goal. However, currently we are researching for expedient results.

4. After you have a pretty good list of jobs that you will excel in and love, its time to get down to business (pun intended). Now is the time to soul-search. Think about the demands of the job, availability in your area, and your personal desires. Narrow the list down to your top two choices. Notice, I did not list money as a criteria for choosing a career. You should never choose a career based on money. Anyone who has a passion and excels in their industry will make the money needed to cover their means. Albeit sometimes money is more lucrative in one career than another; money cannot buy you happiness. Remember you are choosing happiness.

5. Now it the time to be bold, call/email some business owners that are in the two careers you have chosen. Take them out to lunch if you can afford it. At the very least, send them an email inquiring about the industry. Ask them to explain the industry to you in length. Be sure to ask them these very telling questions:
What is your favorite job of this career?
What is your least favorite thing in this industry?
What job details are hidden from the general public that I should take into consideration?
What is your best advice for someone like me who is trying to enter the field?
What are some key traits your company looks for in hiring new personnel?

6. Compare the two industries, pray on it, and pick one! You have found your new career!!

Okay yes, I said in the begining there were easy steps to finding your dream job. I meant it. The steps are easy, but time-consuming. However, spending a week or two to research your dream job is well worth it. Think, you may never have to do this research again.

Stay tuned for Step 2: Write a kick-butt cover leter!

What does "Choose To Be You" mean???

It's simple. Life is all about the choices we make. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes they are bad choices. Regardless of what occurs in life, we have the choice to stay where we are or to move forward and upward.

To be short and sweet, if you are unsatisfied with your life- choose a different life. We create our lives, our environments, our situations. So why not recreate it to be something better. Make your life what you want it to be...Choose to be you!